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Environmental science programs

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists at the St. Johns River Water Manage­ment District may be involved in one or more of three areas of District responsibility: environ­mental research, resource assessment and resource management. An environmental scientist is generally trained in the chemical, physical or biological sciences, but may have other areas of expertise such as mathe­matics, statistics or geography. Entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree, while higher-level positions require increasing amounts of related experience or education, with advanced degrees preferred. Areas of specialization often associated with an environmental scientist position include, but are not limited to, agronomy, forestry, taxonomy, ecology (aquatic, estuarine), cartography, geography, geology, environmental science, limnology, oceanography, biology, toxicology, chemistry, statistics, mathematics, land management and soil science.

Environmental research

Research at the District is conducted in order to support the development of new regulations and/or management plans that will improve the District’s ability to protect water resources both in terms of quality and quantity, and the natural systems that support the water resources. In order to accomplish this, an environmental scientist is required to design and conduct scientifically sound research investigations, on which management decisions can be made. These studies may include contractual support from private consultants, academic institutions or other agencies or be conducted completely in-house. Often, a number of environmental scientists with varying backgrounds and specialties will be assembled into a project team.

Resource assessment and monitoring

Resource assessment by an environmental scientist generally involves an evaluation of the health of the environment and/or the effectiveness of current management practices in protecting water resources. This includes a one-time evaluation of some characteristics or an area of the environment, as well as routine monitoring to detect changes which occur over time as a result of improved management or the absence of adequate protection.

Resource management

Environmental scientists involved in this aspect of the District’s responsibilities often use their scientific training to apply to the day-to-day maintenance and operation of District-owned or managed lands. Regulatory environmental scientists are employed by the District to evaluate the wetland impacts associated with environmental resource and consumptive use permit applications.


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